History /

Persistant technological innovation, focusing on the culture of craftsmanship, a great depth of product range, maximum customization, an environmental and social responsibility and transparency are strong points, combined with the high quality of the raw materials: the wood that ALPI utilizes is rigorously of controlled origin, and completely processed in-house.
An industrial company in constant evolution, a multinational with Italian roots, a forceful projection into the future, and an unrivaled technological reference point for the wood materials sector: ALPI was the first company in the world to industrialize the production process of composite wood. From a workshop of fine cabinet making the company rapidly evolved into an industrial leader in the production of decorative surfaces. Its story is a vibrant tale of a manufacturing tradition focused on excellence and of the Alpi family, still at the helm of the firm today, through three generations, starting with founder Pietro Alpi since 1919.
The progress from a carpentry workshop to an industrial firm specializing in the production of prefabricated panels and wooden surfaces for the still nascent furniture sector already began in the 1950s, with the arrival in the company of Valerio Alpi, son of the founder, and the launching of widespread distribution across the national territory. In 1961 the product "ALPIlignum" was introduced, the first composite veneer and still the brand's most representative item. A true revolution made possible by extraordinary technological research and an extensive background in cabinet making, which led to rapid growth on international markets.

Industrial Tailoring /

ALPI means industrial tailoring.
Past, present and future coexist in an example of excellence in terms of quality, technology and design. A dual dialectic, a dual passion: the culture of tailor-made quality meets and enhances the opportunities offered by the most innovative technology. The firm is unique precisely due to its perfect blend of technique and craftsmanship, factors that are usually opposites, but instead are parallel in this case: on the one hand ALPI is pure innovation, ahead of the demands of the market; on the other, it offers painstaking bespoke service.
A passion for technology and a sense for material, professionalism and expertise, creative freedom and tailored quality, profound sensitivity and absolute guaranteed origin. All this combines to generate the force of ALPI, where avant-garde industrial processes combined with painstaking craftsmanship have always been the cornerstones for constant growth, driven by a constant focus on innovation. The company's specific identity is that of a reality with the courage to step forward, to take risks, making continuous investments in research, experimentation and the development of new ideas.

From wood to wood /

From wood to wood, controlled sourcing.
ALPI stands out for its direct control of the entire supply and production chain, from the log to the finished product, through forestry management by means of the chain of custody guarantees legal and sustainable origin of wood, and total product traceability.
In 1975 the first facility was opened in Cameroon to ensure a constant supply of raw materials. Valerio Alpi, son of the founder, had the brilliant idea of building a barge as a mobile processing plant, still active in Ivory Coast, which from the port of Ravenna was towed to Africa that same year.
The involvement in direct forestry has grown over time: today the company holds licenses for the management of 500,000 hectares of forest, also ensuring the growth of local communities in terms of economics and infrastructure, thus combining the core business with activities of social and environmental sustainability.

At the service of design /

At the service of design, at the service of your project.
A partner of leading brands in the luxury, automotive and nautical sectors, as well as prestigious companies in the fields of furnishings, product design, interior architecture and contract, with projects ranging from hotels to multi-apartment complexes, retail to public spaces.
ALPI works side-by-side with clients, analyzing the market to understand and forecast new technological and stylistic trends, putting profound know-how in the working of wood to offer the market new stimuli and new design ideas. The production process can be customized for every single project: the product comes to life based on the aesthetic and performance needs of the client, the field of application and the required technologies.
ALPI, through its technical consulting services, accompanies clients in every phase from design to post-sales service, offering complete assistance every step of the way.

ALPI and design /

ALPI and design
The profound synergy with the world of design has led, over the years, to prestigious collaborations launched starting in the 1980s, thanks to the intuition of Vittorio Alpi. With outstanding names in Italian design, including (among others) Clino Castelli, Aldo Cibic, Dino Gavina, Pierluigi Ghianda, Ugo La Pietra, Piero Lissoni, art director of the firm since 2015, Angelo Mangiarotti, Alessandro Mendini, Matteo Ragni, Ettore Sottsass, Matteo Thun, Marco Zanini.

ALPI in numbers /

ALPI in numbers.
Today ALPI - headed by Vittorio Alpi, grandson of the founder - has industrial facilities of 180,000 m2 (of which 52,000 indoors) in Italy, where it has two plants, and 346,500 m2 (of which 67,000 indoors) in Africa. The production capacity is over 30 million square meters per year, for capillary distribution in over 60 countries. The two Italian plants are: Legno, for the production of "ALPIlignum" veneer, and Linteco, for the production of "ALPIKord" prefinished wood; in Africa the Group operates with ALPIcam Industries, which handles the initial processing of the logs; ALPIcam and Grumcam, the Group's forestry companies and the commercial company L.E.S., all operating in perfect synergy with the Italian mother company.

Sustainability /

ALPI operates in complete transparency regarding environmental and social responsibility, constantly focusing on excellence in the use of natural resources. Every ALPI wood is made with Poplar, Lime Wood and Ayous from certified sustainable forests, directly controlled for maximum respect of environmental biodiversity.
Maximum care also goes into safety in the workplace and environmental protection, including an advanced industrial water purification system.
Furthermore, the direct management of equatorial forests is a major social responsibility for the Group. For this reason, ALPI implements and constantly supports protection projects and plans for the safeguarding and growth of local populations.

Zero F /

ALPI confirms its commitment to ecology and sustainability, offering a solution to the problem of formaldehyde that has been a concern for many years in the wood products sector.
In line with the most rigorous international standards, ALPI woods can be produced in the ZeroF version, with zero added formaldehyde, to make eco-responsible decorative surfaces.
The result of constant research conducted by ALPI to find solutions that foreshadow and respond to the requirements of the market, the ALPI ZeroF woods – available in the ALPIlignum versions – contribute to help achieve LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which sets the standards for the construction of sustainable buildings.

Certifications /

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council® ).
Ayous and Poplar are the fundamental raw materials for the production of ALPIlignum veneer. The FSC® (FSC-C004666) certification guarantees sourcing from properly and responsibly managed forests, in keeping with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.
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OLB (Origine et Legalité du Bois OLB-CERT-090501)
Certification of the legality and traceability of forestry operations and the industrial processing of wood in Cameroon. With the OLB certification already issued starting in 2009 by Bureau Veritas Certification, ALPI guarantees respect for regulations regarding forestry management, the environment, hygiene, health, workplace safety, tax compliance, labor contracts, supply and export of wood, as well as certification of geographical origin and traceability up to initial processing. The certification bears witness to continuing commitment that is not limited to established operations of correct forest management, but also extends to social aspects and protection of workers and the environment. Thanks to this independent certification, ALPI woods comply with the requirements of the American Lacey Act regulations, and at present with those of the European FLEGT regulations. Always with maximum transparency.
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Poplar origin certification
The Poplar wood used by ALPI to produce composite wood comes from Italian tree farms. The certification issued by SGS guarantees renewability and the concrete commitment of the company to choices of responsible management of raw materials, also contributing to the utilization of local agricultural resources.
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EU Timber Trade Regulation (EUTR) Declaration
Guarantees maximum compliance regarding legality of wood origin, fully complying with EU regulation No. 995/2010 of the European Parliament.
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CRIBIS D&B, the company specialized in supply of business information on Italian and foreign companies, has assigned ALPI the CRIBIS D&B Rating 1, placing it at the highest level of reliability as a counterpart in a commercial B2B transaction.
An assessment of great value as a summary indicator of the solidity of a company. The "CRIBIS D&B Rating 1" indicates the highest level of financial stability and therefore of commercial reliability of an organization, and it is issued exclusively to companies that constantly maintain a high profile of economic-financial reliability, including prompt payments to suppliers.
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Showroom /

A new showroom in the heart of Milan.
Photo Showroom by Gianluca Vassallo  

An exclusive address in one of Milan's most important design districts, with interior design by studio Lissoni Associati. Opened during the Fuori Salone 2016, the new space at number 7 presents an absolute simple display.
The perfect backdrop for Alpi woods, shown in a space of sophisticated architectural poise, where technology and craftsmanship go hand in hand.
Innovation, tradition and know how form the basis of the brand's philosophy.
The showroom is organised in contiguous spaces, in over 250 m2. The area for displaying the Designer Collection woods features floor-to-ceiling stands with partitions. Iconic furnishings and original sculptures, enhanced by the textures of ALPI woods, are the co-protagonists.
The area set aside for the catalogue collections, with over 90 proposals interpreted by Piero Lissoni through eight stylistic moods, is organised like a gallery.
Alongisde, also a selection of the Bespoke woods.
Frames on the walls contain samples from stock, making it a zone with a dual function for both display and work.
A series of full-height panels presenting a selection of ALPI creations guide visitors to the offices and the boardroom, screened only by glass partitions and furnished with iconic pieces of Italian design, further emphasizing the deep affinities that have always connected ALPI with the world of design creativity.