ALPIlignum /

The finest results of R&D activities and the perfect combination of technological innovation and fine craftsmanship, ALPIlignum veneer is the core and symbol of the ALPI universe.
ALPILignum is made with real composite wood, offering a non-printed material that can be custom designed. ALPI wood is broken down and reassembled in an infinite range of wood types, finishes and patterns, thanks to a fascinating and intensive production process where pure innovation blends with painstaking workmanship.

Peeling, dyeing, composition, gluing, pressing, squaring, cutting and testing form the production sequence of ALPILignum, through which the company creates its woods, offering different and novel materic effects inspired by the world of nature and that of design par excellence. A precise design approach that hones every phase to transform the material, surpassing conventional parameters of development to achieve true Wood by Design.

Thanks to its in-depth research and industrial culture, ALPI is therefore able to offer bespoke wood at the service of design, enhancing the intrinsic characteristics to respond to all project needs, providing custom solutions and unlimited aesthetic variety.

ALPI veneer also comes in the ALPIform version combining the aesthetic characteristics of wood with a high level of flexibility made possible by the special support sheet, generating a product that is particularly suitable for softforming. ALPIform permits very narrow curvature radii while reducing scrap, and it is easy to paint or varnish. These characteristics make it ideal for the cladding of curved surfaces or the creation of borders.

Collections /

NEWS The new developments of the ALPI collections are the result of experience and a passion for aesthetic research on wooden materials, and the effective ability to create exclusive wood patterns.

WOOD COLLECTIONS ALPI's remarkable ability to perfectly reproduce the tones and grain of natural woods, with absolutely striking effects of forms and colors, shines through in the Wood Collections, offering a wide range of wood types subdivided into different aesthetic moods of reference, based on color or other characteristics.

DESIGNER COLLECTIONS The outcome of synergies between the company and the design world, the collections by international designers tell a unique, original story in which different atmospheres can coexist: evocative, warm and tactile in the reproductions of wood, innovative, visual and dynamic in the novel graphic interpretations.

Production phases /
Production phases /

ALPIlignum is a decorative multilaminar wood veneer compliant with ISO 18775 standard. /

Technical Data Sheet /
Standard dimensions available a /
Poplar based Veneer

length 2200-2500 mm ; width from 620 to 700 mm

Ayous based Veneer

length 2200-2500-2800-3150 mm; width 360 mm, from 620 to 760 mm

Basswood based Veneer

length 2500-3150 mm width 360 mm, from 620 to 700 mm

Please note that special dimensions can be manufactured on request

Nominal thickness available /

from 0,42 mm to 2.8 mm

Not all producs are available in all the above thicknesses.

Dimensional Manufactoring Tolerances /

-0/+30 mm


complies with standard ISO 18775
< 1,5 mm : +/- 0.05 mm; > 1,5 mm : +/- 4%

Wood Density /

450-900 kg/m3 (measured in compliance with standard ISO 9427) depending on the structure of each product.